About Youyan / 关于友言
Cixi Youyan Bearing Co., Ltd. specializes in the development of precision silent motor level deep groove ball bearing. Youyan bearing is committed to the development of micro, small and medium-sized precision deep groove ball bearing with an inner diameter of 4mm to 60mm. We can also produce flange, inch, non-standard bearing according to customer's requirement. Advanced automatic production lines, complete testing instruments and experimental means, mature standardized process technology, as well as high-quality technology development team and staff, will customize professional bearing solutions for different users.
World bearing brand
Company area
Professional researchers
Professional production equipment
Technical Engineer
The company has professional technical engineers, who can provide customers with bearing maintenance, maintenance and monitoring work in the whole life cycle.
Strong R&D strength
Popularize high technology, provide customers with innovative and win-win overall solutions, and better provide professional and convenient services.
Advanced testing equipment
It can effectively control the quality of products, and professional inspectors can timely and accurately find the existing problems and properly handle them. We strive to make every product provided to you perfect.
Application Area
Automobile bearing
The engine can run safely, reliably and durably under different speed, load and temperature.
Motorcycle bearing
After low collision and low vibration, the smooth winding and durability ensure the fuel consumption and safety of motorcycle.
Household appliance bearing
The bearings of household appliances can meet the requirements of low noise, which have the characteristics of keeping silent for a long time, environmental protection, etc., and are very suitable for supporting household appliances.
Industrial bearings
It has the characteristics of smooth operation, smooth sound, small starting torque and long service life. It can prolong the maintenance cycle and reduce the rotation consumption, which is conducive to environmental protection.